This service model is offered as an extremely effective solution for efficient integration and management of the efforts of all stakeholders on the project, including consultants, contractors, suppliers, etc. This service is meant to support, facilitate and implement project management processes to enable successful project delivery.

This role is essentially a managing role on behalf of our Clients, with FABS acting as the Clients’ extended arm on the project. In this role, FABS manages all project processes related to the:

  • Design Management - Overview and monitoring of Design & Budget validation by the architects & engineers.
  • Value engineering suggestions in Design and Procurement stages based on the experience gained from wide range of projects delivered.
  • Procurement - Pre-qualification of contractors / vendors, Tendering, Negotiations and Contracts Award.
  • Construction ManagementCoordination and integration of all trades with controls on Safety, Quality, Time, Cost and Change Management.
  • Commissioning & start-up coordination, including Snag List closeout.
  • Contracts closure, as-built drawings, O&M manuals & related documentation.
  • Project Hand-over.
This ensures that all stakeholders fulfill their contractual responsibilities in a well coordinated manner.