Our people

We recognize that our team’s performance on the field is directly related to our success in meeting our Clients’ project expectations. Therefore, we firmly believe that our people are our assets and we are building our future by integrating their growth and aspirations into the FABS business plan.

We have today, a strong team of over 200 qualified engineers and managers having a wide range of qualifications, experience and skill sets, acquired both in India and abroad. Our team’s capabilities underpin our proven ability to service a wide spectrum of project needs across India.


Performance Focus and Personal Development System


FABS operates a highly participative personal development system focused towards encouraging performance at all levels as well as developing leadership within the team.

We plan and design our training programs based on the feedback generated through this system. Our HR programs integrate business needs with the team development needs and provide continuous improvement / growth opportunities for our people. Towards this end, FABS senior management team maintains a hands-on approach to HR issues.

We focus on creating and maintaining an inclusive, rewarding and welcoming work environment for our people. We strive to attract and retain talented individuals by encouraging and supporting them to succeed.